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Brent Baker -- Corvallis, Oregon


Lathe turning is my first love in woodworking. I still have the first bowl I turned. Although turning wood on a lathe is only a century or two old, the potters wheel has been used for millennia to create circular forms. When I visit a good art museum I make it point to study the ceramics of the ancient Greeks. The shapes they worked out are centuries ago still some of the most beautiful.

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bubinga -- 16 inch diameter   These large plates are fairly simple to turn. The trick is in finding a block with really great grain that loans itself to this type of piece.
desert ironwood and zebrawood, 3 inch diameter, 9 tall   Desert Ironwood is a small tree that grows in the Southwest and Northern Mexico. The wood is extremely hard, but only available in small pieces. Much it is used for carvings for the tourist trade in Mexico. The wood is always split and cracked and appears tortured and wracked with pain.
lignum vitae -- 3 inch diameter, 9 tall   In Latin lignum vitae means wood of life. In medieval times drinking from glasses made of this wood was thought to have restorative powers. The wood is extremely hard, and contains a lot of natural wax. I put no finish on this vase. When I was done sanding, I buffed it and the wax within the wood became the finish.
muesibatiba, yellowheart -- 9 inch diameter, 4.5 tall   I turned this in 2002, but I always thought the shape was a real loser. In 2004 I remounted it, altered the shape, and added the yellowheart. Now I rather like it.
stripped ebony -- 2.75 inch diameter, 6 tall   This the first of 5 pairs of wine glasses I've made. Wine glasses are a love hate affair. Making the first one is fun, turning the second one to exactly match the first is a pain. But they are fun to drink from.
tulipwood -- 4.25 inch diameter, 2.25 tall   Tulipwood is quite expensive, and large pieces are rarely available. The smell of shavings and sawdust is extremely sweet, like a strong perfume.
walnut, maple burl -- 11 inch diameter, 9 tall   The walnut came from the main fork of a tree some friends cut down in their back yard. If you know what to look for, you can see the center of each fork above and below the maple burl insert in the 3rd photo.