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Maple Burl Turnings

Burls are the tree's response to an infection. In the wild they generally appear as a lump on the side of the trunk. They're analogous to a benign cancer in that they are uncontrolled growth, but they don't spread or do serious damage to the tree. The grain is really rich and beautiful, and burl turns well. They grow here in the Pacific Northwest, so I can always get them.

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maple burl -- 17 inch diameter, 2.5 tall   The shape of this after a huge malachite "birdbath" in the University of Oregon's art museum.
maple burl, bocate -- 9 inch diameter, 2.5 tall   This is my first attempt at retaining the raw edge of the burl. I was trying to create the feel of a sunflower. I'm not sure I succeeded. This piece is for sale at the Ashland Hardwood Gallery .
maple burl -- 8 inch diameter, 7 tall   I was trying for a classic Greek shape, like a vase or the capital of a column. However, after it was finished the shape reminded of a spittoon. In order to sand the inside I inserted my hand while the piece is turning on the lathe. The openning isn't large and my hand was a tight fit.
maple burl, goncolo alves -- 16 inch diameter, 5.5 tall   I really liked the shape of the sunflower piece, and decided to repeat it on a larger scale. I think it worked out.
maple burl, goncolo alves, brass -- 8 inch diameter, 12.5 tall   This is a cremation urn I was commissioned to do. Not my typical project, and it was a bit of a challenge to create a sufficent interior volume. As you can see, the lid can be removed due to the threaded brass fitting.
walnut, maple burl -- 11.5 inch diameter, 8 tall   I had wanted to put a rough edged burl collar on top of a hollow turning for some time. When I bought a slab from walnut crotch at an estate sale it seemed like it would make a great base. The walnut part is completely hollowed out.