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Brent Baker -- Corvallis, Oregon


In a culture where technology becomes obsolete in less than four years, furniture presents an opportunity for lasting usage. We buy antiques that are 75 years old, and often older. Making furniture that lasts for decades is not a lost art. Choosing solid, well dried wood, making precise joints, and using durable finishes are all well understood. The difficulty for the consumer is being able, or willing, to pay for well made work. For the artist the difficulty lies in having the design skill to make something that outlives today's fashion and remains elegant and desirable decade after decade.

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Coffee Table -- bubinga, figured maple, lapis, rhodochrosite   In 2014 I built a new coffee table to replace the one I sold a few years before. I had a really great board of bubinga that I cut into thirds for the main panel. The remainder is two inch figured maple.
CD and DVD Cabinets -- walnut, yellowheart, wenge   Matching cabinets to hold to hold my CDs and DVDs. I think the coopered doors and a certain touch of elegance.
Stereo Cabinet -- walnut, yellowheart, wenge   I needed a cabinet to hold my stereo and video gear and I thought all the ones at the furniture store were too plain and cheaply built.
Desk -- walnut, canarywood, zebrawood   When this desk was 3/4 completed, I decided a couple of drawers would be useful, and added them to what was originally just a work table. The center black walnut panel was 3rd prize in a woodworking contest.
Chest of Drawers -- Bubinga, Birdseye Maple, Maple Plywood  
I made this chest of drawers to match my bed.
Bed -- bubinga, lacewood, birdseye maple, and other hardwoods   I like sleeping on a waterbed, but they are so often ugly and classless. I've tried to build one that is beautiful. The scene in headboard is of Three Sisters mountains in Central Oregon. Thus the bed is named Sleeping with Three Sisters.
Dining Table -- walnut, osage orange --   I built this to celebrate getting my M.S in Computer Science. I've always liked Gothic architecture and I tried emulate its style in this table.
Coffee table -- eastern ash, and other hardwoods --   I built this coffee table to celebrate getting my B.S. in Computer Science.